Workplace Occupation in Waterford

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Jan 30 2009 20:39
Workplace Occupation in Waterford

Waterford Crystal workers have occupied the plant after arriving to their shift and finding themselves locked out. Some scuffles broke out betwwen workers and hired security, recently beefed up to deal with labour unrest.

Looks like a pretty positive action, I don't know to what extent the union Unite was involved (i.e official or wildcat) at the start, but now it seems they're supporting the workers.

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Feb 2 2009 21:23

Interview with waterford rep by a members of the cork branch of the wsm

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Feb 2 2009 22:39

the unions were involved from the start, it was union officials that texted workers en masse when they were told about the redundancies. This is what sparked the occupation. From what I have heard, the workforce in Waterford Crystal has traditionally been militant, with sympathy strikes during the 80s, and organised solidarity for the miners strike. From the outside it does not appear that the union is operating to control the strike in this case.