knowing the enemy

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Con Carroll
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Dec 7 2005 14:12
knowing the enemy

has anyone heard of this crowd

expert group future skills?

this is a group who go to agencies where they seek people from eastern europe, other countries for employment. usually this means in low paid economy sector

Senan Cooke Waterford crystal

Ann Herarty Cpl resource

Jack Golden cement roadstone

Una Halligan Hewlett IBEC

Joe Mc Carthy

Dr. Senan Mc Donagh

Dr. Brendan Murphy

Aileen o Donoughue

Peter Rigney ICTU

Linda Tanhen

Peter Hayden Dep of Trade

Ruth Carmody Dep of Education

Andrew Mc Dowell

Fergal Costello Higher Education

Mr. Robert Fox FAS

Anne Nolan Dep of Finance

one could add Ivor callelly