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Con Carroll
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Dec 12 2005 14:08

absolute disgrace that Mc Dowell minister for justice can in the Dail make allegations about Mr. Frank Connolly, of the centre for independent inquiry

this resulted in the centre for public inquiry funding been stopped.

Frank had brought to attention about the financial corruption of politicians

Bertie Ahern did recieve a financial donation of 80,000 from a business person.

this man business didnt last because of the actions of Bertie and other bastards of ex leaders of government

Frank aslso brought to attention about cops in Donegal. seeting people up for murder.

the reason why Mc Dowell made comments about the centre for public inquiry was because Ahern is going to be again questioned about 80,000 financial corruption in 2006

Liam Lawlor the most corrupt filth of politicians in Dail Eireann, was with a woman who was a sex worker when the car they were in killed Lawlor. in Russia. October 26.

Lawlor treated people with contempt his death is a loss to no one

where Frank Connolly was in 2001 is no ones business

Sam Smyth of Irish independent should be charged with putting a family at risk in what he wrote

Mc Dowell should tell us what he knows about a progressive democrat member facing rape charges in 2005.

Mc Dowells connections to ku klux klan member David Dukes?

Mc Dowells connections with Judge Brian Curtain who was caught with child porn.

Curtain was a candidate for the progressive democrats in 1999.

you can be sure there was no charges brought against Brian Curtain