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what is not shocking in to the Ferns report in Wexford child sex abuse is the extent of child paedophile ring. operated by the untouchable elite clerical scum. let's not forget that people who spoke out were ostracised by the powerful. it would be interesting to know if the report names senior members of the cabinet during these years. John Bruton, now eu rep in America. who openly praise church institutions in Ireland during a debate on how Irish society, treated survivors of child abuse

Michael Noonan ex Minister for Justice. Austin Currie, ex SDLP, Fine Gael junior minister for health and children

what is happening to radical anti-church establishment voices of survivors of child abuse? is it that they have recieved state funding or to busy been seen in the company of politicians. having media cameras in their faces?

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Con Carroll
Oct 28 2005 15:34


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Con Carroll
Nov 2 2005 14:39

on the 29 November I will be called to give evidence about my experience as a child in a catholic church institution. (concentration camp) Ireland under the care of the Daughters of Charity. in this process I am not allowed to name people outside the room who were involved in child sex abuse. or disclose the financial settlement which I will be offered It means that I have no right to take legal challenge against the Daughters of Charity.

the second hearing will take place in front of a commission 12 December stephens green house about my experiences as a child in the care of the St. John of God Brothers in Dublin during the 1970s.

not one politician in Dil Eireannn has responded to me as a person face to face. onward victory to class war politics.

fuck the church and state thereal criminals.

I am unbowed unbroken.

how many of those who tell us that they are anti state will be there?

as I have been there supporting many of their protests.

Con Carroll
Nov 2 2005 16:13

2.pm Clonskeagh 29 November I will give address later.

12 December top of stephens Green 2.50

Con Carroll
Nov 3 2005 18:05

Stephens Green House

Earlsfort Terrace D.2

hearing starts 3pm Monday12

Con Carroll
Nov 22 2005 13:41

block 5 Belfield office pk

Beech hill rd Clonskeagh

this is the address where the hearing will take place Tuesday 29 November

the hearing starts at 2pm

I dont know until Monday 28 if people will be allowed into hearing except for legal team.

Con Carroll
Nov 28 2005 14:01

I would ask peope who intend to turn up tomoorow that this is serious. if they can't see this don't turn up.

neither will I be used for other people political career

Con Carroll
Nov 30 2005 13:18

of the many people whom I have joined in protests and supported.

only one person turned up yesterday to offer support

thanks to the miiddle class no doubt they will pontificate to us about class struggle.

stick with the pds fine gael. wankers

Con Carroll
Dec 1 2005 13:14

whom did I tell not to go

there 2 was two people I said I didn't want their presence

a person from streetseen and another who hangs out with Wsm

Dec 1 2005 19:22

Tis true..

Anyhows, although my presence may have been odious to you, I am still genuinely interested like others as how things went..

I hope it went well for you..

Con Carroll
Dec 14 2005 14:45

Monday 12 December I have been told by my legal team Mr. Carthage Conlon (Hanahoe solicitors) in the company of Mr. Peter Finlay. (law libary) that I would be committing a criminal offence if I started to talk to people about my evidence to the redress board, which I gave on 29 November.

this would mean I can be fined financial or spent six months in prison.

I am considering writing about my experiences.