'Brexit' and the Irish border

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Mar 28 2018 10:30
'Brexit' and the Irish border

So whilst we still have some of these Forums maybe the border question needs a bit more input from Irish comrades as well as this:

Maclane Horton
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Apr 25 2018 10:31

The six counties of Northern Ireland do not bring any profit to London based capitalists. Far from it. In fact Northern Ireland runs at a loss, quite a lot of loss resulting in increased taxes on the English.

So why do they want it? Simple. Prestige.

They are afraid of losing face if they lose the six counties. And they are probably right. It would most likely result in Britain losing power and influence in both political and economic spheres.

So how can they square the circle - get rid of Ireland and keep their reputation?

Again simple. The Commonwealth. The Commonwealth is not the same as the Empire. Lots of republican states belong to the Commonwealth. There should be no shame in Republic of Ireland rejoining the Commonwealth. It is no more than a nominal fiction.

A nominal fiction is worth a united Ireland.

So London does a deal. They hand over the North to Dublin in return for a united Ireland's membership of the Commonwealth with the Queeen at its head.

Problem solved.