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Sep 21 2004 14:47

The kids you refer to as 'townies' usually are just angry youths with no direction or creative way of expressing their anger. I used to work as a groundsman on an estate where the kids used to throw stones at us and try and nick our strimmers. My workmate once got a used nappie thown at him from a eighth-story window while he was strimming the beds aroung the flats. I though it was fucking hilarious in a way. He took a different view.

Last week I had my phone nicked from the community food project I now work on by a group of 8 year old kids from the nearby estate. They were bunking off school and we thought they would be better off being shown aroung the project and learning something useful than being in school anyway, so we gave them some food, talked to them and showed them round. As soon as we left them alone for a minute, they had robbed our phones and my tobacco and scarpered, the cheeky little chavs!

I just wish that these kids wouldn't rob off their own. Surely they could organise themselves to go and make mass raids and stone-thowing missions on Asda and Sainsburys instead?