We're back!!!

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Mike Harman
Joined: 7-02-06
Nov 14 2005 09:50
We're back!!!

as of Monday 14th November we've restored these forums from the old server. So everything up until Wednesday evening is back as it was.

Apologies for the interruption to this service and thanks for bearing with us!

libcom team grin

Nick Durie
Joined: 12-09-04
Nov 14 2005 12:22

some of the discussion is missing mate - e.g. social centres/community organising thread, and I think websites thread.

Steven.'s picture
Joined: 27-06-06
Nov 14 2005 13:42

Yeah our old hosts screwed us over good and proper. We lost everything from Thursday unfortunately.

Joined: 26-09-03
Nov 14 2005 17:35

Shit, the social centres one was a good thread cry

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jef costello
Joined: 9-02-06
Nov 28 2005 22:33

Anyone who was on the thread should have it saved in the history/temp files on their hard drive, I've got stuff back like that before. I didn't see the thread so I can't help with it tho I'm afraid