Lenin's alleged crimes

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Jan 24 2006 17:18
Tommy Ascaso wrote:
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Actually no Tommy Ascaso was very funny.

Thank you, do you have a copy of that pic I did in photoshop?

Shit did you lose it that was totally awesome!

Hopefully someone's got it... it may be in the old flag AYN folder.

I used to post as george'sbush I believe, maybe icepick at some point later. Actually no think it was always george...

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Jan 27 2006 19:19
georgestapleton wrote:
magnifico wrote:
Isn't there some quote about shooting anarchists like partridges or something?

Yeah not about anarchists. He sent a telegram to trotsky on the kronstadt affair saying 'shoot them down like partridges'.

It was Trotsky who said that. This is the quote from Alaxender Berkman pamphlet/short book called The Bolshevik Myth. I suggest anyone interested in this read it. Also read Makhno's visit to the kremlin. It shows just how out of touch with reality Lenin and the Bolshevik leadership were with reality due to he fact they were tucked away in offices.

"The Workers' and peasants' Government has decreed that kronstadt and the rebellious ships must immediately submit to the authority of the Soviet Republic. therefore, I command all who have raised their hand against the Socialist fatherland to lay down their arms at once. The obdurate are to be disarmed and turned over to the Soviet authorities. The arrested Commisars and other epresentatives of the Government are to be liberated at once. Only those surrendering unconditionaly may count on the mercy of the Soviet republic.

Simultaneously I am issuing orders to prepare to quell the mutiny and subdue the mutineers by force of arms. Responsibility for the harm that may be suffered by the peaceful population will fall entirely upon the heads of the counter revolutionary mutineers

This warning is final."

Trotsky, Chairman Revolutionary Military Soviet of the Republic.

Kamenev wrote,

"Trotsky has sent another demand to to kronstadt to surrender, the order containing the threat: "I'll shoot you down like pheasants."

I didn't know that Bolsheviks partook in the country persuits of the landed gentry but obviously its 'revolutionary' if you're murdering anarchists.

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Jan 27 2006 19:57

But no one's mentioned his appalling dress sense. Talk about crimes against humanity. wink

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Jan 27 2006 20:39
Jason Cortez wrote:
But no one's mentioned his appalling dress sense. Talk about crimes against humanity. :wink:

Dunno I've seen him wearing some nice suits. I don't know who designed the Red Army's uniform though. Their hats were pretty rediculous.