Action needed for activists in the Phillipines

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Nov 16 2006 22:25
Action needed for activists in the Phillipines

Hi All,

I was asked to publicise this as much as possible. Please do the same.


Nov 17th is an Action Day For Imprisoned Anarchists in The Philippines

By ABC Brighton, U.K

A day of protest has been called for the Sagada 11, young anarchists falsely accused of a Maoist guerilla attack and tortured in The Philippines - Phone, fax, email, write on Friday, 17th November. Also more actions at embassies etc are encouraged, please copy and distribute the leaflet below, and last but not least please write to the prisoners directly.


On February 14th this year, a group of anarcho-punks from across the Philippines aged 15-25 were on a trip to Sagada, a well known hiking spot, to go walking. Police stopped the vehicle they were hitchhiking with and brutally arrested them without a warrant. Later, they were told of an attack by Maoist guerillas on a military outpost a few days before. When they denied involvement, they were subjected to further torture including suffocation, electrocution, simulated executions and drowning. The two youngest had to be released, but the 9 others have been charged with arson and murder.The youths were all active in ecological campaigns and groups such as Food not Bombs, but there is no evidence of any connection with any Maoist organisations, or guerilla groups, or any evidence for the crime. Their arrest was illegal. They are being held under terrible conditions without even basic necessities or enough food in overcrowded cells.

International solidarity could make a huge difference to this case. There has already been a demonstration at the Filipino embassy in London; we are now calling for a day of protest on Friday 17th November, with phone calls, letters, faxes, and emails both to the prison in which they are being held and to the Filipino embassy to pressure for their release.Please find out the contact details of your nearest Filipino embassy or consulate, but remember that they are being accused of being part of Maoist/guerilla actions so be careful what you associate them with politically. You can say you are phoning/writing about the Sagada 11, mention their names, and that you would like to enquire about their welfare/you think the arrests were illegal/demand their immediate release, etc.

Sample letter from Asian Human Rights Commission at: and /1886

Filipino police: Gen. Arturo Lumibao: 0063 27264361

Jail:see address below, phone number: 0063 744222304

And write a message of support to the Sagada 11: Darwin Alagar, Cell 1 (age 21), Rundren Lao, Cell 3 (age 24), Jefferson Dela Rosa, Cell 3 , age 22), Metro Villegracia, Cell 4 (age 24), Neil Russell Balajadia, Cell 5 (age 25), Ronron Pandino, Cell 8 (age 23), Arvie Nunez, Cell 8 (age 23), Aldous Christian Mafosa , Cell 9 (age 19), Anderson Alonzo, Cell 12 (age 18), c/o Jail Warden James Simon, Benguet Provincial Jail, Justice Hill, La Trinidad, Benguet 2601, Philippines