When in 1867 was Das Kapital first published?

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Aug 23 2011 11:35
When in 1867 was Das Kapital first published?

Does anyone know? I'm looking for the month, but the day would be helpful as well. Thank you so much in advance!

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Aug 23 2011 11:47

this wiki says 14th of September, but whether that is the German edition or the English translation I do not know. Why do you want to know the specifics? are you going to have a Capital birthday party?

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Aug 23 2011 12:32

Arbeiten, the English translation was only published after Marx's death.

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Red Marriott
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Aug 23 2011 20:23
In the third week of September 1867 Capital: Critique of Political Economy, Volume 1, Book 1: The Production Process of Capital appeared in an edition of 1000 copies.
(Karl Marx - His Life and Thought, D. McLellan, UK 1973.)