Rio Tinto Zinc Strike in Andalusia in 1888

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Jul 14 2007 16:40
Rio Tinto Zinc Strike in Andalusia in 1888

Just reading bits of Joan Martinez-Alier's 'The Environmentalism of the Poor'. This book mentions an 1888 strike by "syndicalist miners" in Rio Tinto in Andalusia, Spain, led by an anarchist Maximiliano Tornet, who also formed an alliance with 'Huelva Anti-Smoke League', which was an alliance of farmers in opposition to sulpher dioxide pollution from the copper mines, this pollution was also one of the greviances in the strike.
On the 4th of February 1888 a protest of miners and farmers was gunned down by the military, with between one hundred and two hundred persons killed. Anyone came across this in histories of Spanish anarchism? The company was the infamous Rio Tinto Zinc, actually their first mine.