Questions about Palestine in early 20th Century

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May 7 2020 15:58
Questions about Palestine in early 20th Century

Basically, I'm looking for sources on events in Palestine in the inter-war years. I realised I know very little about it.

I've done a search on the site, and found a few bits and pieces, but there's nothing exhaustive I've found yet. Obviously, I'm looking more for stuff on working -class organising rather than power-politics but really anything will be good.

Any recommendations of texts, or links to things I might have missed, would be gratefully received.

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May 7 2020 18:41

Working Class History did an interview with Moshe Machover and Akiva Orr, which I think is mostly about post-1948 stuff but does include a bit of pre-stuff as background, and I think the suggested reading list attached would be helpful, in particular:
"For further reading on the workers’ movement (both Arab and Jewish) in Palestine pre-1948, we would recommend Zachary Lockman’s excellent book Comrades and Enemies: Arab and Jewish Workers in Palestine, 1906-1948 (which also contains information on ‘left-wing’ or ‘workers’ Zionism and its contradictions) as well as Musa Budeiri’s Palestine Communist Party, 1919-48: Arab And Jew In The Struggle For Internationalism."