'Peaceful Revolution 1989/90' in East Germany

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Nov 10 2013 00:08
'Peaceful Revolution 1989/90' in East Germany

Can anyone help me with a project? I am looking for information, articles about the left-libertarian movements against both state Communism and the nationalistic reunification of 1990.

I'm interested in the transition of how the former Soviet Bloc countries became capitalist. The official (capitalist) version always seems to say everyone wanted capitalism and an end to communism, and to become consumers etc etc, but having looked into the so-called 'Peaceful Revolution' in East Germany of late 1989, it seems the end result, reunification with West Germany and capitalism was more of a counter-revolution. The Peaceful Revolution was led by a wide range of groups, from radical religious groups such as 'Church From Below' to environmentalist and pacifist movements, and some which appeared to be calling for libertarian socialism, though possibly not in name, or maybe not identifying as anarchists. However, the system of autonomous groups which sprung up in towns, direct democracy, syndicated, decentralised organisation makes me feel there is a hidden history here that has been airbrushed by capitalist historians and media.


This site has given me the most info so far, but does anyone have any other sources, or thoughts, or reading recommendations?