Leninism not socialism?

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Jun 29 2015 07:17
Leninism not socialism?

Okay, so recently I was reading Noam Chomsky's "The Soviet Union Versus Socialism" and seen some talks by him on the subject where he suggests Leninism is a right-wing deviation that distoryed popular organizations like workers councils. I am an anarchist because I think people can work together collectively without the corrosion of the state. I've been leery and hostile toward Leninists because i have a feeling that the slide of the Russian Revolution toward dictatorship began under Lenin.

Some Leninists I know claim the conception that the Soviet Union was not really socialist is just in Chomsky's head and I have a feeling this is bullshit just to defend their ideology. But I don't really know the factual record of what happened. I think I asked something like this ages ago and people suggested stuff like "The Bolsheviks and
Workers' Control" by Maurice Brinton and Grigory Maximov's "The Guillotine at Work" and pamphlets by others alive at the time.

But I'm wondering if there are any historians or professors that mirror or expand on what Chomsky said to give me a better sense of the general history of the revolution and the slide into dictatorship. The only historian of the period I even know is Paul Avrich lol
i'm just more interested in history and historians on the topic cuz I want a good background. Sorry to ask something close to what I did last time. lol

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Jul 3 2015 15:42

Try section H.6 of An Anarchist FAQ:

H.6 Why did the Russian Revolution fail?

also see Brintin's The Bolsheviks and Workers Control. In terms of Avrich, see my review of The Russian Anarchists.