'In Fact' newspaper during World War 2

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Nov 5 2012 09:15
'In Fact' newspaper during World War 2

Some interesting contemporary exposure of US 'democracy' by a muckraking though 'patriotic' rag called In Fact edited by George Seldes, who documented big business' cosy relationship with fascism among other things. I discovered it as Seldes' scoop on the US Army being trained in fascist anti-labour methods.is cited in a Freedom article dated January 1942 on the US as Britain's new ally. Anyway, for your viewing pleasure:


There's some coverage relating to Britain and its actions against domestic workers and those in its colonies as well.

David in Atlanta
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Nov 10 2012 15:29

Seldes was one of the good guys overall. He had the rare distinction of being booted out of the country by Lenin and Mussolini.