Britain's anti-trade union laws

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Feb 1 2011 13:25
Britain's anti-trade union laws

I'm thinking of writing an article looking at the anti-trade union laws mainly looking at what they were introduced to stop (mass meetings, flying pickets, secondary action etc.) and why the government felt the need to introduce the laws. Does anyone know of any articles that look at this from the time? Or any others on the forms of action British workers used to take? Thanks in advance.

Mike Harman
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Feb 1 2011 14:32

If you write this it'd be worth at least a brief introduction looking at things like the emergency powers act that's been used to sanction strike breaking by the army since the '20s. I have a book about this but it's not to hand and I've forgotten the title sad

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Feb 1 2011 16:38

Ask Devrim.

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Feb 1 2011 17:28

One thing about them, as people on here have pointed out before, it's actually not appropriate to refer to them as "anti-union" laws. A more appropriate term is anti-strike law. As what they effectively do is outlaw any industrial action not authorised by the union leadership, so in some ways they have increased the power of union leaders.

If they were indeed "anti-union" laws then the unions might make some sort of effort to have them overturned, whereas at the moment they do not - my union, Unison, even forbids discussion of this at conference.