1918 Vancouver BC general strike

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David in Atlanta
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Aug 2 2012 20:44
1918 Vancouver BC general strike

On this date in 1918 the Vancouver Trade and Labour Council called a 24 hour protest general strike following the funeral of Albert ‘Ginger’ Goodwin, a miners organizer and war resister murdered by the police.

On July 27 of 1918, United Mine Workers labour organizer Albert "Ginger" Goodwin was shot by a hired private policeman outside Cumberland, British Columbia. His murder sparked Canada's first General Strike

The Shooting of Ginger Goodwin

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Aug 2 2012 23:20

Goodwin was very active in the Socialist Party of Canada, a libertarian socialist party similar to the SPGB.

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Aug 2 2012 23:22

Thanks for posting, I wasn't aware of this previously