Zengakuren: Japan's Revolutionary Students - Book scanned

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May 4 2009 07:29
Zengakuren: Japan's Revolutionary Students - Book scanned

Just put this up in the library.
Definitely a very good read. Take a look if you're interested in this period of struggle. Btw, it would be nice if we could post PDFs to the library? Or maybe I don't know how to do it.

Zengakuren: Japan's Revolutionary Students

This is an excellent historical introduction to the period of Japanese student radicalism that began after the war in the wake of the increasingly ineffective strategies of the Japanese Communist Party and which culminated in massive social unrest and change around the Japanese school system and society in general.


1. Historical Background
2. Origins of Zengakuren
3. The Anti-Ampo Struggle
4. The University Problem
5. The University Struggles
6. Kakumaru - Portrait of an Ultra-Radical Group
7. The Future...?
Who's Who in Zengakuren and the Youth Movement in 1969

Download the PDF to read the book.


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jef costello
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May 4 2009 12:14

just thought I'd pop up the link, looks good, thanks for putting it up.

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May 4 2009 19:17

wow great! you should be able to post PDFs - click 'file attachments' in the entry page and attach there