Strike in the 70s supported by the AB

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Strike in the 70s supported by the AB

Hi all, just looking for any background information on the following strikes. Its in relation to my Angry Brigade dissertation. Thanks.

- Major strike of Ford workers in 1971. The offices of the Ford Motor Company at Gants Hill, Illford, are bombed on March 18th.

- Ford again. Dispute between management and militant shop steward John Dillon in the Ford Liverpool plant. June 22nd - AB blow up the home of Ford's managing director, William Batty, in Essex. The same night a bomb damages a transformer at the Dagenham plant of Ford.

- Upper Clyde Shipbuilders. John Davies, Secreatary for Trade and Industry, intends to close this shipbuilders. Thousands of workers walk out. The AB bomb Davies' house on July 31st. Communique 11 says "Victory to the workers on the Clydeside", and warns the workers of all the "vultures" who will be heading to there and telling them what to do, the same people it says "signed the productivity deals that started the redundancy ball rolling are now trying to feed off your struggle". In another communique they mention "Bogside-Clydeside", linking the struggle in northern ireland and glasgow i think.

- "Byrant building combine" and the building strike. The AB bombed the home of Chris Bryant in Birmingham on October 20th. They says how workers at a Bryrant site have been on strike for two weeks demanding the flat rate of one pound an hour and the end of "the lump" - the pool of non-union men ready to hire. They mention how there are no safety precautions on Byrant's site. Further info in the communique (which has no number and no footnotes in Weir's anarchist pocketbook of documents and chronology): "Byrant got deals for his redevelopment of Birmingham on the golf courses of Solihull with Corporation Councillors, who then charge high rents on the Council estates - like Chelmsley Wood - to pay high prices to Bryant of rhis contracts. Now hes bying up the land to sell to the same council who who will give him the contracts to develop it, with our money." The Birmingham Mail as the "Bryant broadsheet". Also took of the "Woodgate Valley"standing for class solidarity and Revolution.

-Just a confirmation on some acronyms that are used in the communiques. In one message they condemn "external structures" including: IS - is this international socialists or something? CP - im guessing this is Communist Party. SLL - something else socialist?

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In one message they condemn "external structures" including: IS - is this international socialists or something? CP - im guessing this is Communist Party. SLL - something else socialist?

SLL = Socialist Labour League (or, as some bright sparks called them, Society of Leaden Leaders). The Trot Gerry Healey led this gang, financed by Mike Banda's Ceylonese (Shri Lankan) tea-plantation owning family. Vanessa Redgrave was part of them, along with her brother Corin. Ken Loach was a fellow traveller, and so was David Mercer, lefty playwright/screenwriter (participated with Loach on 'Family Life'). They later became the WRP (workers revolutionary party), which leading Organisation of Revolutionary Anarchists (battlescarred's former group) member Keith Nathan and other 'anarchos' joined. The worst of the Trot groups of the 60s and 70s (though they started, I'm pretty sure, in the 50s, perhaps with another name; Maurice Brinton I think was part of them after the invasion of Hungary in '56).

And IS was International Socialism (now SWP). And CP stands for Corporal Punishment.

That's for free. If you want more information you'll have to pay (as a former, though fairly short-lived, member of the Stoke Newington 8 Defence Committee, I might be able to help you) - 30% of the royalities you get when you go on a world-wide lecture tour after your dissertation gets published in a colour supplement or gets made into a Hollywood blockbuster.

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haha i dont see a world-wide lecture tour or hollywood blockbuster anytime soon mate grin

Thanks for the acroynm info - tho im guessing the Corporal Punishment bit is a joke right. Yes, im wary of my own gullibility.

My dissertation runs up until the time the known members of the AB were put on trial, although ill make a mention that bombings continued after this, and that no historians have really explored this aspect. Id like to but dont really have the time to delve into completely new historical territory.

Heres the earlier thread regarding some AB questions i had to help you get the gist of what im aiming to write about:

Any further help would be greatly appreciated mate - but unfortunately there are no royalties for anyone lol, just a great big student debt for me smile