The Complete Guide to the Student Left?

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Sep 28 2010 20:26
The Complete Guide to the Student Left?

Ok its not hugely historical in the idea of texts many years old, but large numbers of some text called 'The Complete Guide to the Student Left' or "how not to completely jaded and sack it all in" which im sure is by someone from was received by Freedom, and we shifted almost fifty at our freshers fair the other day. A member of Socialist Students asked us who wrote it, saying it was one of the better things hes read in a while

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Between Your Teeth
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Sep 28 2010 20:53

It's a pullout intended as part of the AF's anarchist student bulletin.

pretty weird it ended up at freedom and seperated from the rest of the magazine, unless the london group dropped off some left over copies.

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Sep 30 2010 08:26

No, the parcel was for London AF to collect at Freedom. It got opened in error and then some were taken before we could collect( but that's fine as long as they were distributed) If any left over would you return them to AF box at Freedom please as we are still distroing them!!
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