Working class white areas 'alienated'

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Nov 28 2011 15:20
Working class white areas 'alienated'

Weoley Castle in Birmingham.

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Nov 28 2011 16:02

this badgered me a bit. As others are keen to point out whenever the term 'identity' rears its head, just because one 'feels' discriminated against. doesn't mean they actually are. This was Enoch Powell's gambit. If people believe they are being treated as second class citizens, then ergo they are being treated like second class citizens. I found the Runnymede Trust (which often do work with Joseph Rowntree Foundation, the researchers behind this latest report) 2009 report called' Who Cares About The White Working Class' can be found here*** contained a selection of essays which are good on this topic. Most of them point out that the white working class are screwed over because they are working class, not because they are white.

That said, I do not trust the BBC's interpretation of the main thrust of the latest Rowntree report and would like to read it more before I let my jerky knee get the better of me