Work in the world of Heat

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Jun 17 2012 23:58
Work in the world of Heat
The film's resolution offers us the grim notion that work requires abandoning those we care about; arid then it will probably kill us. Choosing not to sacrifice home life to work will not, however, insulate a relationship from harm. Thus, the accommodation to the status quo that the genre film usually offers to the audience is in HEAT a bitter pill: work rules fatally, and proclaiming the value of our personal lives will not rescue us from professional demands. HEAT leaves the new conflict that it depicts — the place of work itself — unresolved and unresolvable.

Best film.

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Jun 18 2012 00:46

Sounds good mon, will have to get on it. I thought of a decent slogan today... 'wake and bake not work for work's sake'. smile

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Jun 18 2012 03:04

HEAT is a really enjoyable film which you can watch quite a few times without getting bored but I think one of Mann's earlier films Thief(1981) is even better. It's less stylish, slightly more gritty and realistic- that's the theory anyway. Both films have excellent soundtracks though. The Gambler (1974) also starring James Caan I remember being good too but It's a long time since I've seen that.