What happen in Thailand ?

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Aug 29 2008 10:56
What happen in Thailand ?

According the news, the airports but also the train workers are stiking today to support the demonstration against the governement, but, according the news too, this demonstrations are organised by royalists...

In the airports, the union called to the strike because "the governement attacked people". Are some unions in Thailand rulled by royalists ?

Have someone some news about Thaïland ? Or links to leftists group in this country ?

How to see this movement ? Is it just a fight for one tendancie of the ruling class who tries to take the power, maybe, because the news says there are royalists, reactionnaries ? Even if they used the anger of the people and the workers ? Is it a kind of movement with two differents tendancies, one ruled by some reactionnaries of the ruling class and one other who comes really from the working class ? Or a political crise created by the fight between two fractions of the ruling class who creates an opportunity for the working class to fight for his own interess ?

I would be happy to know more about the situation in Thailand, especially if there are some texts from anarchists, communists or revolutionnaries workers organisations from this country.

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Aug 29 2008 11:22

The King is a very popular figure in Thailand, who is seen to have held the country together in the midst of political turmoil.

The protests are organised by or affiliated with the People's Alliance for Democracy, a liberal group which originally formed against Thaksin Shinawatra. This involved demanding Royal intervention against him when he dissolved parliament. They are currently agitating against the government for Thaksin-like corruption.

The strikes were called by union leaders in support of PAD demonstrations over the past few weeks, including a violently dispersed demonstration at government house.

This is certainly a dispute between the factions of the bourgeoisie, with workers being pulled into it. Allegiance to the king is so common across the bourgeois political spectrum there that it is seen as being almost apolitical. For liberals, it means calling on the king to act against corrupt politicians and to restore democracy.