Unite Against Fascism (UAF) why we dislike/hate them?

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Apr 27 2010 06:32
Unite Against Fascism (UAF) why we dislike/hate them?

Lets hear the arguments against please.- I have heard they have handed over anarchists to the police, They are funded by some of the main political parties? They are an SWP front group? I have also heard alot of people on here say that their tactics actually act as a recruitment tool for the far right. So should we work with them? Or stay well away and have nothing to do with them?

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Apr 27 2010 08:53

It is correct that they handed over a member of the Anarchist Federation to the police to be arrested.

The SWP is the driving force of it, yes.

And yes, it is funded by the major political parties and the trade unions. The main problem with it is that it is in essence a tool of the labour government and the left to create this bogeyman of the far right in order to try to mobilise votes for labour (or potentially the other parties) - the very ones which have caused the problems which push some people towards the fascists in the first place.

I don't see any point in collaborating with them in any way, as the BNP is a tiny group with pretty much no influence or power, whereas UAF is a coalition of extremely powerful organisations including those who are actively attacking migrants and the working class - principally the labour government.

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Apr 27 2010 10:12

UAF is a popular frontist organisation: it represents a cross class coalition, with the sponsorship of figures like David Cameron and strike breaking Lib Dem Leeds council bosses sought and lauded.

It relies on hysterical, popular frontist propaganda ("teh BNP are NAZIS!!!!") with no class element.

AWL document these things obsessively.

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Apr 27 2010 17:23

Old(ish) article from the AF blog on the subject: Hope not self-defeating liberal stupidity. Short, but I think it captures some of the contradictions and limitations inherent in the UAF/HNH position.

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Apr 27 2010 19:35

Essentially, to agree with Steven who shows that practically and ideologically this front is an expression and defence of the democratic state. It's not important what each individual thinks they're doing inside of it - and some of these will be genunine - but what the function of the organisation is. These types of movements, constantly generated by the state, are traps for those involved and represent a wider ideological danger for the working class.

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Apr 27 2010 21:43
posi wrote:
strike breaking Lib Dem Leeds council bosses sought and lauded.

Have you got anymore on that?

Steven - and the collaboration in the AF arrest?

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Joseph Kay
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Apr 27 2010 21:52

Unite Against Fascism (UAF) stewards collaborate with police on anti-EDL mobilisation

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Apr 27 2010 22:24

TBF the late ANL was just as bad. (ANL mark II) I remember in the late 90's they regular did propaganda around the estates in Burnley, where the prevailing challenge then was the scapegoating of asylum seekers by the snow balling BNP. You have to appreciate Burnley is a massively deprived area and the SWP/ANL activists were all odd balls who had overwhelmingly good secure jobs in academia and the public sector and they had a thing for putting up 'Asylum Seekers Welcome Here' posters on some of the estates which had been emptied out, which needless to say leaving posters with shite slogans on in an area they had no-engagement with didn't exactly quell the racism there.

The whole nazi/fascist tag made sense for those who had a living memory of WWII et al, but within my lifetime (Im not yet 30) most instances I have heard the term used on demos or in propaganda have been inappropriate. I see nationalism as having a number of pernicious forms (not all explicitly racist) and its more appropriate to tackle that than hang our boots on calling out x, y and z as having some analogue with Hitler, Mussolini et al.

Whats ruptured of late I think is that nationalism as evolved and the left clearly are stuck repeating an old tired formulae.

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Apr 27 2010 22:39

Caiman - http://www.workersliberty.org/uaf

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Apr 28 2010 13:44

UAF is basiclaly about going and telling people who voted BNP (partly coz they're sick of labour and tory governments) to vote labour. An utterly futile exercise..

This thread details some recent shenangians