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Nov 7 2017 05:54
Therapy recommendations

My partner and I have decided to attend some therapy sessions, both together and separate. Could anyone tell me how to begin a search? I have no insurance and will be paying out of pocket for my individual sessions. I feel as though it would be helpful for me, at least, to find someone with some kind of understanding of my politics and worldview so that i don't have to constantly explain motivations and perspective. Is this wrong, or further irrelevant as it doesn't seem as though there is a communist therapy directory? I think that these beliefs inform a lot of things in my life so that is why I feel as though it is relevant. Anyway, any advice on how to go about this is welcome.

Full disclosure: We've done this before and our therapist was a west coast California type. I thought that there was too much of a cultural difference for them to be of help. This may say more about me than anything, but I am the patient so...

Thanks again. In Southern Maine, USA, if it matters

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gram negative
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Nov 7 2017 16:30

One thing that I used before was the directory of therapists on psychology today:

I found the best person I've ever used on that. My advice is to look up the treatment orientations and see what aligns with what you want. I am a proponent of dialectical behavioral therapy and anything trauma-focused, which helped me find the best therapist I ever went to a couple of years ago. That directory will also tell you whether the therapists use a sliding scale, which can clue you into who may be flexible with payment.

Regarding finding someone who shares your explicit political views who is also a therapist...that can be difficult. My last therapist, who was great, was definitely no anarchist or communist, but he was non-judgmental and accepting of my values and recognized how important they are to how I live my life, which was greatly comforting. I have friends who have found therapists at a local community health clinic who are definitely much more politically oriented and aware - that may be an option, though I bet that is more often found in a large urban setting.

Another option which I have never used is telecounseling or online therapy, which may broaden the pool of potential therapists available to you, especially if you want someone who explicitly shares your views.

Good luck and reach out if you have any other questions. Finding the great therapist I did a couple of years ago really changed my life in radically positive ways - I honestly think that I would have killed myself without that help.

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Nov 8 2017 14:59

good question Tarwater. when my life blew to bits four years ago, it was crucial that i found a small network of therapists who had access to the same thought-categories i did (though i'm not speaking politically when i say that). so no, it's not wrong, your concern is right. i can't help with names though, sorry.