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Jan 13 2019 16:23

Even though I don't have a reddit account, I do check into anarchist or leftist subreddits from time to time. Here is a list of them for those who are probably interested:

General leftist subreddits
/r/communists < this one is an anti-tank forum. It's dominated by leftcommers I think, but there are anarchists. There's not a lot of activity at the moment though.
/r/IWW < Industrial Workers of the World
/r/Communalists < this one is a specific tendency obviously but it doesn't into either anarchist or Marxist

Anarchist subreddits

Anti-Statist Marxist subreddits
/r/workerscouncil < council communist
I should also mention /r/Ultraleft and /r/LeftistHotTakes, both of which were set to private not too long ago.

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Jan 13 2019 20:29

Not very active but

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Jan 14 2019 02:07

Thanks. Might also be worth making a mastodon instance list. I haven't come across any decent communist instances yet. The one anarchist instance I know of is not the best discussion-wise and has market-advocating "members" (if that's what you call them; still haven't entirely figured mastodon out yet).