Star Trek fans?

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Jan 15 2012 02:47
Star Trek fans?

If there's any out there, I was wondering what y'all thought of this and if it's worth putting into the library section? I've always been more a Star Wars nerd so I don't know if it makes sense:

The Star Trek Myth: towards a historical materialist critique


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Jun 25 2012 21:25

Asides from the spelling errors and overuse of obvious attacks like 'Star Trek crews are the bourgeoisie' to paraphrase. It mostly makes sense.

a) Like all 'culture fluff', it exists to push a message, from a certain perspective and control the time of people. I do like the positivism and scientific/rational basis of the morality in ST though.

b) The fact there's a republic type government, which is if not authoritarian, is a hierarchy, bugs me. I'm quite sure that a society as sophisticated as that portrayed could work on a more decentralized model and without quasi military running of starships.

c) It's a lot less of a class based society, but it is held up in other obvious ways, like ranks, division of labour (and not in the sensible, specialist interchangeable roles/speacialisms way). I.e no one does the washing up, because there is none.

d) Family units are portrayed, they are typical, heterosexual, and often patriarchal.

e) The essay gets lost and flies at warp-speed up the sphincter of post-modernist 'thought'.

f) The points about the federation being the American machine are apt however. They also have personal property rights in some places and not in others.

g) I'm more a Star Trek than Star Wars person myself, SW seems overtly biblical and simplistic, with monks as the good guys (jedis). SW vs ST is itself a false dichotomy. The world is more complex and subtle than either, but I'd like to think that a version of such a society, with plenty, learning and freedom of existence is possible, elements of it are, today, without replicators. I just don't quite know how you would run a whole planet, on anarcho-commmunist/syndicalist principles. But it would probably be possible, with specialised elected groups, to manage aspects of society, such as resource allocation. There isn't money, which is good though.