"Sri Lanka solution" threatened for Maoist-led uprising in India

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Nov 27 2009 06:55
"Sri Lanka solution" threatened for Maoist-led uprising in India

thought this might be of interest to some here, noticed there wasn't much coverage of the events in india recently...what are your thoughts?


Revolution #184, November 29, 2009
From A World to Win News Service
"Sri Lanka solution" threatened for Maoist-led uprising in India—Excerpts from Arundhati Roy

November 16, 2009. A World to Win News Service. The Indian government is preparing "Operation Green Hunt," a counter-insurgency operation on an unprecedented scale. As many as a hundred thousand soldiers and other security forces are to be sent into the forested hills of eastern and central India to crush the rebellion of adivasi (tribal peoples) led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist). This is no short-term incursion: the authorities have announced that they plan to station massive numbers of troops in the tribal areas for years to come.

Several commentators have warned of the danger that the Indian government plans to seek a "Sri Lanka solution," modeled on the recent protracted government offensive there. Massive ground forces and air assaults were used to defeat the Tamil Tigers, and then hundreds of thousands of the region's civilian population were imprisoned in detention camps, where most still languish. Now what may be permanent military bases are being built in the Tamil heartland. The Indian government no doubt noted the implicit U.S. approval for that operation. At the U.S.'s behest, the International Monetary Fund [IMF] granted the Sri Lankan government a huge financial package almost immediately after the massacre.

Following are excerpts from an article by Indian writer and activist Arundhati Roy that appeared in the October 31 issue of the Sri Lanka Guardian (srilankaguardian.org). The full article online gives much more detail for her arguments and a more all-around representation of her views. The November 2009 issue of People's March (peoplesmarch.googlepages.com or bannedthought.net) has two recent statements by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) and other material on this offensive. A statement by the Revolutionary Democratic Front is also included in the AWTWNS packet dated November 16, 2009.

Continue reading: http://revcom.us/a/184/AWTWNS-A_Roy-en.html