Radical Anthropology talks in London

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Apr 20 2014 14:31
Radical Anthropology talks in London

Radical Anthropology
Cosmology, History and Archaeology
Summer 2014

Symbolic culture emerged in Africa over 100,000 years ago, in a social revolution whose echoes can still be heard in myths and rituals around the world. These talks are a general introduction to anthropology, including the latest findings from genetics, evolutionary biology, primatology, cave painting research and archaeology. There is hot food in the venue and plenty of time afterwards for socialising in local pubs.

April 22 New Perspectives on Kalahari Bushman Dancing Chris Low
April 29 Cross Bones and urban magic John Constable
May 6 Memories of Polish food in strange lands Monica Janowski
May 13 The male answer to the power of menstrual blood Estelle Orrelle
May 20 Kinship and sex among the Canela of Brazil Chris Knight
May 27 Spaces of justice in El Alto, Bolivia and beyond Martin Wemyss
June 3 Affliction and sorcery among the Miskitu of Nicaragua Mark Jamieson
June 10 2014: Year of the minor standstill of the moon Lionel Sims
June 17 Reconstructing the first cosmology Camilla Power
June 24 Taoism and Tantra Elena Angel
July 1 The elima and molimo ceremonies of the BaMbuti Chris Knight
July 8 AGM (followed by a historical walk and talk around Fleet Street)

All talks held at 88 Fleet Street (entrance in St Bride's Avenue), London EC4 1DH
(5 mins walk from Blackfriars tube). Tuesdays, 6.30–9.00 pm.
We hope to be in this venue all term but please check our website to make sure.
For regular updates on meetings and anthropology news, please follow us on Twitter (@radicalanthro) and Facebook