Prospects under political dictatorship?

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Jul 21 2013 16:02
Prospects under political dictatorship?

In the First World, we are seeing a slow transition in 'political regime' from the so-called model of representative democracy to outright political dictatorship, as these states try to adapt to different social and economic circumstances and conditions upon which they operate. I don't think much of the revelations that liberals get too worked up about (e.g. Patriot Act, NDAA, mass surveillance, Snowden, etc.) are really much a surprise. Does anyone else share this view? Is it likely? I mean, not to sound to deterministic, but it's almost inevitable considering past history. And also considering the Pentagon's own vision of a Fortress America.

Assuming it's true (I could be wrong), how would a political dictatorship affect our movement organizing ability? Not that I have any illusions about representative democracy, but would it mean any substantial difference in our capacity to engage in class struggle-based collective action from the former?

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Jul 21 2013 23:26

i was hesitant to answer this only because i don't feel i have much more to offer than to say, "yes, it will make things much harder, it's going to be a big challenge." i know that's pretty simplistic, maybe someone else will say something more thoughtful.