Osvaldo Bayer, has died at the age of 91

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Dec 24 2018 17:10
Osvaldo Bayer, has died at the age of 91

The Argentinian author and philosopher Osvaldo Bayer has died.

A number of his writings can be found on Libcom: https://libcom.org/tags/osvaldo-bayer
and KSL: https://www.katesharpleylibrary.net/95x6qw

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Dec 24 2018 21:29

Osvaldo Bayer, presente!

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Dec 26 2018 09:01

¡Che, Osvaldo, que la tierra vos sea leve!

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Jan 7 2019 10:48

We've just put up a couple of tributes.
"Osvaldo Bayer is Dead" by Pagina/12
"Given his ill health he turned up in a wheelchair to support the recent 24 March demonstration. He had suffered a few household accidents and age-related afflictions. But even so, there was a never-ending parade of students, writers, journalist and anyone else so minded calling on him at his home in the Belgrano district of Buenos Aires – which his friend, the writer and journalist Osvaldo Soriano once dubbed “The Shack”. "

and "Osvaldo Bayer 1927-2018: In Memoriam." by Frank Mintz
"Obviously, having read and translated Rebellion in Patagonia, I was a fan of Osvaldo’s contribution and rescue efforts, not merely in the form of his books but in terms of his disinterested assistance to ventures and projects related to libertarian matters in Argentina."