*MAYDAY solidarity as an actual action from jap islands!

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Apr 25 2006 03:09
*MAYDAY solidarity as an actual action from jap islands!

Comrades & Affinities;

saluton from osaka, jap islands. on 1 May 2006, homeless comrades

living in osaka and homeless liberation activists, and also anarchists

will show the MAYDAY solidarity to all comrades & affinities all over

the world. so, we will try to organize a small demo...etc on this

MAYDAY. this might be a tiny solidarity, however, we would love to try

to declare the MAYDAY solidarity as an actual action from these jail

islands. all comrades in poverty and all militant comrades on this

planet! if we will unite to fight against monopolies & tyrannts, we will

be able to get ready for organizing our efforts of mutual aid. from a

point to the line, from line to the web, from web to the surface of the

earth... let's walk together! vi venkos! ni vekos!! in

solidarity.(comrades living in osaka & suburb)


anyway, if you will have some minutes for sending solidarity message to

us, we would love to get your encouragement for our comrades in osaka as

soon as you can.


this will be able to encourage our comrades in daily struggle for each

of their own lives, i think. so, any messages for us will be shown on

our new ZINE. thanx.(rebel_JILL/ a working poor)

PS) in jap islands, a big union of "Rengou" have betrayed the poor and

unemployed people for at least 16 years, and also they shamelessly have

cooperated to the rulers & governments for at least 16 years! THEY

already lost their workers' spirits! THEY strongly agreed to obey evil

systems of worker-control, and shamelessly did attack to the workers of

less rights.(THEY always said: "regulation & benefits to the company

first!") as a result, on 30 Jan 2006, public workers unions of osaka

city did not refuse to destroy the homeless communities & their own

lives on utsubo park & a part of osaka castle park. yes, THEY became the

real subjects of evil systems. we knew the evil politics for: nagai park

on Aug 2000-Feb 2001, Tennouji park on Dec 2003, and utsubo park on 30

Jan 2006!(when i would remember these terrible attacks by the government

and its subjects, i strongly thought that i must try to act against all

of them. comrades and i lost the many things, and are in poverty now...

however, still now, the battle continues!) if we will give up any

fighting against the evil politics, they will win & will occupy our

lives. so, we never give up! on 12 May 2006, we will organize the

protests against the world rose convention 2006 in osaka. we never

forgive any noble persons & events oppressing our own lives! NO PASARAN!!