Les Anarchistes (2015) - Movie

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Winston Smith
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Jan 8 2016 13:53
Les Anarchistes (2015) - Movie

Hello everyone!

Has anybody seen this movie - Les Anarchistes (2015) ? Is it good or maybe someone knows if it is possible to find a torrent for it with english subtitles?

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Chilli Sauce
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Jan 8 2016 14:21

Just watched the trailer and, I'm skeptical. Seems to be another one of those "anarchists are principled individuals with tortured souls who undertake individual violent acts", and I've already seen that film too many times.

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Jan 8 2016 18:41

Avoid this, it's shite.

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Jan 9 2016 01:02

edit , sorry didn't see the date, assumed it was the Korean film of the same name, so my responce is about that

i cant remember it vary clearly, what i remember is it wasn't terrible as an action film, but it had no connection with anarchism