"Lazy" Persons

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Mr. Jolly
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Nov 28 2013 00:27

Nice you have farmers on the same page as 'lazy'

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Nov 29 2013 21:41

Hey fellows,

I want to say thank you all for your responses.

I read through some books and PDF's I had and found Berkman's "What is Communist Anarchism?" and found some pretty compelling answers on page 175ish where he argues that laziness is just a misplacement of person in a place where he or she becomes disinterested and detached from his work thus becomes inefficient and people see this his/her laziness. This coincidences with many of your answers. So much thanks to you all


Side note: Hope us who habit the states is having a FANTASTIC time fighting the traffic today. (I live right smack in a commercial center with a shit ton of shops around). Happy Black Friday. wall roll eyes