Kropotkin Museum Appeal

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Jul 15 2008 10:20
Kropotkin Museum Appeal

I suppose that some of you may not be interested in museums, but the authorities are fucking around with the Kropotkin museum. It's been bad since Khokhlov died. All the material he gathered became state property. Some comrades in Russia have asked people to write lettters telling them to get their act together and get the Kropotkin museum open. There is a link here, with a sample letter. Despite the fact that people generally ignore this kind of request, I'll repeat it: DON'T BE LAZY. Add something of your own to the letter, be creative, change the content a bit so they don't get dozens of the same letters.

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Jun 21 2009 11:20

We tried to get info on this spread around at the time. We've never heard how it resulted. Any?

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Jun 21 2009 12:38

I'll spread the info out and about