Hello, I'm pleased to meet all of you! Allow me to introduce myself & explain my reason for being here

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Jan 31 2011 05:00
Hello, I'm pleased to meet all of you! Allow me to introduce myself & explain my reason for being here

I am a German/English Student with 9 remaining hours towards a Baccalaureate at UNT; I'm a part time carpenter assistant and general labor guy for the moment who prefers to spend most of his time either reading or writing about what interests me, listening to and writing music, and conversing with interesting people. I have always been socialist and eco-radical, most likely since before i was incorporated into this world as I am. I must admit, though, that this description of myself is not complete and that it is not why I am here, and I might guess that you did not come here to read my resume either.

Allow the people their spiritual, sexual, and artistic freedoms and facilitate the satisfaction of their needs in a way that allows each individual and community to choose their own path, escape violence, sexual abuse, etc. & ultimately I hope that we will see our communities as logical niches in the larger scheme of (mother) nature, recognize that happy and ,most importantly living societies are built through deep love and trust between one another and their land -- that is about as close as I can come to stating an ideology. The definition of Socialism, in it's most true and democratic sense, comes as close as any word to summing up a system that will bring about what I think almost everyone would prefer to capitalism.

Let me introduce then, some recent ideas that I have been preoccupied with:
I have known too many women who have been abused and raped, (& too many men who must fight for life), and have not been given any kind of helpful mental treatment, and are often treated not as victims but as criminals themselves. We need a socialist organization to give them what they need, food and family. As of now, churches serve this purpose [better than government, which is not to say anything] and if one has ever seen these institutions and knows of their corruption then why is it not possible to feed and educate?

Secondly we live in a world of ubiquitous computers and printers. With a massive amount of organization, and certainly the need for complete secrecy - yes like ridiculous ultra-paranoid like secrecy without which any massive operation will not be possible. And to, lets not say make the media (did i intend that pun?), we will need to move with military like swiftness to surprise and overwhelm authorities in disseminating the truth and brilliant, clear ideas that will inspire an inertia of critical thought.

Third we, meaning all involved in the movement must have off grid power while oil (and any finite resources), as it becomes ever rarer has the power to shut down cities. We must forget the system of buy and trash because, aside from leaving millenia worth of pollution, are by their nature targets as they are sources of power. This is why, having researched You-tube I have realized that diy wind turbines -- and especially vertical ones -- are incredibly simple and cheap to make -- one need only pvc pipe, old bicycle wheels, an alternator of any kind and regulator. We need to be in the business of education. We will teach the man to fish, and sustainably. [word check says this is not a word, bah, I wonder if Orwell would think it ok]. We do not only politicize, we teach a survival strategy for the entire human species/race.

These are just three issues that have struck me as important to my life lately. I have seen too much of late, and it has reminded me of the hell on earth that drives too many to escape. I ask anonymity, but I ask that we organize and that we all do our part. I live in Fort Worth, TX. I will be attempting to move and remain in Germany, but while I am here, I call out to others in our area. You know the control the rich families (Basses) ,who act like they know music better than the musicians themselves, and derail a tram system because of the possibilities of 'undesireables' seeking work down town. You know this the height of hopelessness when it comes to east fort worth (I exclude Highland Park and the rich areas of DFW). We have a struggle here. But so it is with every city in the world