examples of wrong theory being positively influential

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Jul 5 2013 21:06
examples of wrong theory being positively influential

i'm wondering if anyone has any examples they want to share of wrong theories having a beneficial impact upon events or history.

i've read a great deal of marxists criticise the operaist / autonomist application of value to categories outside the explicit exchange relation (originated in tronti but expanded by negri), and on a purely scientific level i think i agree with this criticism. however, it was fundamental to the operaist re-invigoration of marxism as a theory of struggle, and was massively important in theoretically placing the working class as the most powerful social force. also, the implication that application had was important for the womens movement in 1970s italian autonomia, because of the theoretical door it opened toward demanding wages for housework, and bunch of women worker struggles both inside and outside the factory that were really advanced, and treated patriarchy as a semi-material functional process tied firmly to capital.

(also the splitting of lotta continua is interesting as it talks about the large membership that they built up inside the factories, and that female militants took politics back from the factory and into the home, and mentions stuff about a mother winning the right to smoke from her husband etc.)