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Caiman del Barrio
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Apr 25 2007 23:39

Me and the better half just booked a holiday in Havana. Not really outta lefty tourism (she's not remotely that way inclined, although I think anyone with any interest in 20th century working class history would surely be curious), more just cos it'll be sunny, different, fascinating and good practice for our impending year of study at Spanish speaking university. Has anyone been there? I've heard a lot of Leninists wax lyrical about it. I've also read a lot about the tourist economy which survives on US dollars. Is it true some girls get hissed at in the street? I'm more pasty than Jack and she's about Salma Hayek complexion - allegedly that means the assumption will be made that I've "bought" her services. Or so she's convinced herself thanks to a couple of travel books. Is this really accurate? Apparently as a vegetarian I'm pretty fucked cos fruit and veg don't tend to be washed well too. Hook me up with info, please.