Crisis of Conscious: using the state to press charges against BNP

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Apr 1 2010 02:08
Crisis of Conscious: using the state to press charges against BNP

Libcom is the only place I can tink of to post this.

Last week a friend of mine and I threw some paintbombs at a BNP billboard which was being guarded by two BNP members.

They proceeded to chase us and I tripped while running. They then proceeded to hold me on the grond and take photos of my face and phone the police. They ended up holding me by my hair and punch and kick me on the ground while I struggled hard. The police turned up and everyone got lifted and taken to the station.

Long story short my friend and I were charged with vandalism and the two guys are up on trial for assault and racist abuse for calling me a paki.(Not even from the same continent)

Their twisted version of events:

To be totally honest I resent being called a UAF thug as it shows he has no idea what he is talking about.

I almost feel bad for the guy, he has lost 12 years of his life to the military, been to Afghanistan and is obviously working class too.

My moral issue is that as an Anarchist I feel like a hypocrite by using the state as a weapon against them. I also feel bad because it is working class vs working class. I understand that they incite working class people against each other etc. I almost feel sorry for the guy and kind of want to prove I am not UAF and an Anarchist by dropping the charges or asking the court to do so and sending him a letter with my reasoning behind it.

But then again I feel that if they had half the chance they would fuck me right over and that the damage to their political campaign would be massive if I did go ahead.

plus being the bigger man is often over rated....

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Apr 1 2010 02:24
S-A-C wrote:
I feel like a hypocrite by using the state as a weapon against them.

don't. it's what you've got. and as you say,

S-A-C wrote:
if they had half the chance they would fuck me right over and that the damage to their political campaign would be massive if I did go ahead.


S-A-C wrote:
being the bigger man is often over rated....

as i've discovered myself, tho' in very different circumstances.

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Jul 31 2010 04:08

It's a credit to your passion for our movement that you are considering these questions. My opinion is that you should use any means available against fascists, including legal avenues.

Of course, we don't support the state or the judicial system, but this is not a question of abstract ethics. It never really will be as we do not believe in reforming the state. In other words, there is no point playing fair. While we should strive to prefigure the future society amongst ourselves and our class, we should use any means necessary against the State and the Fascists, including their own weapons. This is why it makes sense to support an anarchist for assault charges against a cop but not a fascist against a cop. Sure it does not make much sense from an objective sense, but why be objective at all? Better to root for Communist victory. It's completely acceptable to both bash the fash and get them locked up if possible.

Best of luck

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Jul 31 2010 08:15

all the best for this,hope it all works out for you. another point is what a shower of total fuckwits post on that site,shows what we are up against.

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Jul 31 2010 10:13

Firstly you shouldn't come here admitting you have done illegal things. You should have raised it in a hypothetical way.

Secondly against class enemies I think it is legitimate to use the state in prosecution cases. If you were unfairly sacked at work would you dismiss using an employment tribunal?

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fingers malone
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Jul 31 2010 10:25

If you drop the charges they will probably just be relieved that they don't have to go through with the court case and trial, which if nothing else is a big hassle for them, time, money etc. It's also worth bearing in mind if later on they beat up some guy who is unluckily just walking past them on the way to the shops and is the "wrong colour", then your case helps that person to get a conviction against them if they want to.
Good luck with it whatever you decide to do.
P.S You don't need to prove anything to these people.

Dave Smith
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Aug 19 2010 11:05

Get the bastards any means necessary the BNP are the enemy to all working class people, and if using the state to sting them is an option then use it. There is no shame in using all means in that purpose. I know it might leave a bitter taste in your mouth. Employing the state on your behalf, what a quagmire and in all honesty I would rather take them to a pie factory and eat them. But maybe I would just feed them to the dogs. Remember offer no mercy to racist, fascist scum .

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Aug 19 2010 14:26

Firstly don't feel bad about these scum getting dragged through the courts for assaulting you. The system may suck but if, as has been said above, this case either prevents them giving someone else a doing because of their skin colour/whatever or it means that they get a heftier sentence then good.
To be honest I'm pretty sure that you don't have a say in whether or not charges are pressed. The case gets passed from the cops to the Procurator Fiscal and it's entirely up to them whether or not they press charges. You could refuse to give evidence but that would see you getting screwed over for contempt/perverting the course of justice. Don't put yourself at risk out of some sense of class solidarity with these scum, they are traitors to their class and would happily see you and the rest of our class dragged down to barbarism.
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Aug 19 2010 18:12

To be honest I think pretty much any tactics are justified against these cunts - do not feel bad about grassing them up, or getting them in any other way.

It's not a betrayal of principles to use the tactics they would use against them, if someone is happy using the forces of the state against you,, then it's legit to do it back.

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Aug 30 2010 08:23

I used a pool cue to have a conversation with a Nazi and he used the state to prosecute me to the fullest extent of the law. I wouldn't suggest giving up a year and a half of your life for a street fight/slaughter with some racist. Those sort of confrontations are what they live for but when they loose (in a bad way) they run to the police faster than a n 8 legged cheetah on meth.

If you really want you can have some sort of mediated talks. Try to find a spark of humanity in the guy and if not just do what the pigs want....which would be to press charges.

Or do whatever you want. Einstein was pacifist you know....until he wrote that letter to the US president urging him to build nuclear weapons. That worked out well wink