check out my short film

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Apr 2 2012 15:59
check out my short film

A bit of shameless self promotion (gahhh, even that phrase is cliche now) but I recently finished putting together a short film for my coursework in my A Level Film Studies course at my sixth form.
Here it is

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jef costello
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Apr 2 2012 19:07

This isn't spam btw.

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Apr 2 2012 22:22

Sound levels. Always the sound levels. My firm belief that no one should be able to pass a driving test without having ridden a bicycle on the roads for 2 years, so people shouldn't be able to make films until they've done 6 months sound engineering first.

(NB Anarchists are only anarchists because they have enough self-awareness to know they'd make nightmarish dictators - plus they're arrogant enough to not rate anybody else's chances of doing any better)

edit: But the camerawork looked great.