Brazilian Anarchist Co-ordination

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Jun 12 2012 11:07
Brazilian Anarchist Co-ordination

Noticed this on anarkismo today: Declaration of Principles of the Brazilian Anarchist Co-ordination (CAB)

What is the CAB?

The Coordenação Anarquista Brasileira (CAB) is an organisational area founded in 2012 that gathers together on a nationwide level anarchist organisations and groups that work on the basis of the principles and strategy of especifista anarchism. The CAB has come about as the result of a ten-year organising process which started in 2002 with the founding of the Fórum do Anarquismo Organizado (FAO). Over the decade, it make progress both in political and ideological terms and in relation to the workers in the popular movements. The foundation of the CAB marks the passage from a forum to a nationwide co-ordination, and brings greater organisational agreement and establishing the basis for an advance towards a Brazilian anarchist organisation.

And also:
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Seems interesting and positive, though I don't know enough about the situation in Brazil to say much more than that.