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Oct 3 2017 18:05
Books on Russia

Can anyone recommend any books on the Russian Revolution from an anarchist/ revolutionary working class perspective?

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Oct 3 2017 18:56

Some reading guides:

I personally like Paul Avrich's Kronstadt 1921 as an authoritative work on the Kronstadt uprising and the context it happened in.

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Oct 3 2017 21:10

The Libcom "tags" page on the Russian Rev.:

The "key articles" section just below the upper right hand side of the page might be a good place to begin.

The Unknown Revolution by Voline gives a good general overview of the revolution from the perspective of an anarchist participant in the revolution. However I don't know how much stock that I'd place on some of the largely anecdotal claims that Voline levels against the personal character of Nestor Makhno in the books section on the Ukraine. Voline and Makhno reportedly never did get on too well but even so since Voline was an eyewitness and participant in the Makhnovist movement I don't think that his claims can necessarily be discounted out of hand either.

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Oct 3 2017 22:59

China Mieville's October is good. It incorporates some new academic stuff into a lucid narrative.

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Nov 4 2017 03:53

Does anyone know where I get get my hands on a copy of Carmen Sirianni's book 'Workers control and socialist democracy'?

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Nov 4 2017 10:32

A new one in Spanish:

Carlos Taibo - Anarquismo y Revolución en Rusia (1917-1921)

Interview with the author

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Nov 4 2017 13:08

I should also mention the newly published book by AK Press:

Bloodstained: One Hundred Years of Leninist Counterrevolution

As a contributor of a chapter, I have the pdf -- and it is a very good collection of texts. My chapter is entitled "The State and Revolution: Theory and Practice" and tries to summarise section H of An Anarchist FAQ.

I would recommend section H.6, which is entitled "Why did the Russian Revolution fail?" -- this is in volume 2 of the printed version.

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Nov 4 2017 19:06
mikail firtinaci wrote:
China Mieville's October is good. It incorporates some new academic stuff into a lucid narrative.

i'm in a discussion series now using this as the text.

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darren p
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Nov 4 2017 19:41

Ida Mett "The Kronstadt Uprising", about to be reissued by Theory and Practice

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Nov 4 2017 21:07

In before alanjohnstone.
A ~230 page book published only last week.
and a review of October by China Mieville which I wasn't as impressed with
I liked A People's Tragedy by Orlando Figes but I'm not sure it could be said to be an anarchist/ revolutionary working class perspective. I believe Service / Conquest / Applebaum are from a conservative perspective and that Figes might be said to be a 'liberal' perspective.

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Nov 6 2017 07:02
In before alanjohnstone.

Got to be up early to beat me, JDW smile

Although it is on its own thread and not this one