Arrigo Cervetto

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Mar 30 2011 16:06
Arrigo Cervetto

Anyone know much about this figure? From his MIA biography it would seem that he had quite an interesting political development. Started off as a Stalinist/Partisan supporter, later was a Leninist yet also a member of the Italian Anarchist Federation, in the 50's was a writer for a couple of papers and then finally founded the Lotta Comunista group in Italy. Seems that he had some positions similar to the Communist Left - a 'state capitalist' analysis of the USSR and the rejection of parliamentary politics. It also seems he took some inspiration from Bordiga but criticised his inactivity. It says that he tried to combine Trotsky's 'subjectivism' and Bordiga's 'obectivism', whatever that means.

From the MIA piece it isn't exactly clear what his position on natlib struggles was besides having some theory of 'unitary imperialism' (Not exactly sure what this means either). The article seems fairly clear on the point that Cervetto supported the traditional Leninist conception of work in the trade-unions, and from a quick skim over the work of his translated on MIA as 'Class Struggles and the Revolutionary Pary', this would appear to be the case. One thing that also bothers me is that the MIA article would appear to be saying that Cervetto saw the need for the development of a revolutionary 'Leninist' party in Italy, and saw Lotta Comunista as being that party. In other words, it would appear that he believed that the formation of the party was possible through the voluntaristic activity of militants within the national borders of Italy. For me and I'm sure other members and sympathisers of the Communist Left, that's a fairly big mistake.

I'd be interested in any clarifications anyone could give on the politics of Cervetto and Lotta Comunista. I'd also be interested in knowing the opinions of the ICC or the ICT (I'd be particularly interested in knowing what the relationship between Battaglia and Lotta is like) on Cervetto and his group.

And one last thing, I did a quick google search on Lotta and found some 'Communist Party of Labour' article on 'Lotta Comunista's Anti-Leninism'. I also saw the same group mentioned on Lotta's wiki page. Any ideas what's going on there?