Another new QELD video! 'So True'

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Bob Savage
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Jun 6 2014 15:51
Another new QELD video! 'So True'

Footage taken from our two trips to Milan and one to Geneva with DDM! Thanks to all our comrades on the continent for their support.

[Bob Savage]
It's so true, I'm not George Clooney
Looks on the Wane, I'm a lot more Rooney
Kush is the bane of my lifelong story
Hooked on the grade so I'll die by 40
It's so true man, life is a ballache
It's been so since I arrived at the school gates
Now 9 to 5, try and skive from the workplace
I'd rather die than be striving for first place
(So true) - no it's not man, you span me another line
Must think I'm senile, Last of the Summer Wine
MCs are brown bread, pass me the butter knife
So true, no food, fast till it's supper time
It's so true yet truth is subjective
So who is impressed with the rumours suggested?
Now you do to the truth what the press did
You knew truth and suppressed it
It's so true

It's so true, every problem I smoke through
And when 1 won't do then I smoke 2
3, 4, my mood's like a seesaw
Up, down, before I see what the beef's for
It's so true that I'm all in a mess
Yes I understand the mechanics of cause and effect
But I bawl and I stress, and that's the way it is
I more than accept that it's negative the way I live
It's so true man I can't lie
You know I am high every single day mate they pass by
I don't have my wits about me, I'm in a cell
And it's hell when these bars and these spliffs around me
It's so true that I've lost it
My whole world's crumbling like week old dogshit
No keys or locks picked, I'm locked out
But still trapped inside this sick mind and I want out

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Bob Savage
Joined: 15-01-07
Jun 17 2014 11:49

Anyone from Milan or Geneva on here? In awe of your cities! You really put us British anarchists to shame.