anarchists in Kazakhstan, statmnt on 9-11-2001, 1 Eng. artcl

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anarchists in Kazakhstan, statmnt on 9-11-2001, 1 Eng. artcl

Interesting... According to some articles there was some autonomous syndicalist activity that started in Almaty in 1990 then went on till 1999. ended with trials, etc. the site looks old and not maintained. the main navigation menu options are super confusing -- they change on every page.

Kazakhstan: new workers movement?

(From “New Workers Movement”, edition of MPST-IWA, Moscow, November 2001)

9-11 Statement of the Karachaganak** (oil field) workers group:

A mighty spectacular blow has been delivered upon the USA. If the target of this blow was the government of the USA guilty of political, economic, and social power abuses all over the world, it's been missed as usual.

If among the targets of this action were unjust social order, exploitation, cultural brainwashing, and violent oppression on the part of world financial and industrial bourgeoisie then it was delivered in an opposite direction and killed many a hope among those who believe in future liberation and dedicated their lives to struggle for it.

If it was supposed to be a beginning of a violent social revolution it denied its own motivation and seriously wounded the whole idea of such revolution.

Instead of that lives of innocent people were taken, results of human labour destroyed, and feelings of rage, hate, and despair enhanced.

As a result of this irresponsible terrorist act workers of all world and their dependants are facing a direct threat of military and police hysteria in our countries.

We join all people of good will who are ready for conscious resistance to both counterrevolutionary forces, who provoked this war and forthcoming military reaction on the part of the national States.

Karachaganak workers group

15 Septembre, 2001

** Karachaganak with 8 billion barrels (1.3 km³) and 1,350 km³ of natural gas.