Amsterdam AFA smash Neo Nazi Rally

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Inigo Montoya
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Sep 24 2007 17:45
Amsterdam AFA smash Neo Nazi Rally

A demo called by the Nationalistic Peoples Movement (NVB) was attacked by antifa in Amsterdam last Saturday. Football hooligans, punks, locals and other anti fascists set upon the nazis at their meeting point. The mayor then cancelled the nazis march and they were bussed to the outskirts of the city

Statement by AFA Netherlands -
Indymedia Netherlands Story:



Several more here -

Dodgy Translation of AFA Statement:

Today a demonstration of the extreme right Nationalistic Peoples Movement (NVB) in Amsterdam stood planned. The demonstration was begun scarcely then a group local voetbalsupporters the Nazi-demonstration beeindigde. Correct were the supporters it not of served that the right extremists their streets came mar. Hereby would have been wounded hit a threesome NVB' ers. Mayor Cohen vaardigde at the same time a need order from and prohibited the demonstration. Under police accompaniment, the Nazis were accompanied to outside the city. The demonstration of Comite NVB by which also AFA is concerned, lapsed without incidents. Next to anti-fascists from the rest of the country, there were also many inhabitants of Amsterdan and cities part the Baarsjes person present.

The NVB was set up in March 2006. Her name, slogan and logo are direct take from the NSB. The active frame of the NVB consists for an important part from former members of the in 1998 bans CP' 86. Furthermore the NVB maintains very narrow ties with the Dietse Comrades and Blood & Honour. Top persons of both organizations have been condemned for scores of racist abuses. Blood & Honour is an international network of neo-Nazi' s. in Spain and Germany is this organization meanwhile bans.

In the Netherlands, Blood & Honour functions regular as order service for the NVB. For instance by a hall meeting in Uitgeest before this year. A group of NVB' ers and Blood & Honour-members jointly a
demonstration of anti-fascists fell on. With ploertendoders, goat braces, bottles and pieces wood became the unarmed anti-fascists attacked. By this attack, about 25 neo-Nazis were arrested.

That voetbalsupporters served be not by activities of neo-Nazi' s in their city is not newly. Before became
also in Rotterdam a Nazi-demonstration attacked and in Doetinchem made County supporters their dissatisfaction over a Nazi-demonstration recognizably.

The NVB has it not only to voorduren of anti-fascists and voetbalsupporters. Also from own circle, the NVB lies under fire. Dutch Peoples-Union leader Constant Kusters sent before this week a press
message in which he fiercely takes a jab at the NVB. In an amusing ideological discussion reproached Kusters the NVB that they self surplus on the islam directs, while in the eyes of the NVU the Jews on
this moment a larger threat form for the Dutch society.,.

As an AFA, we look back on a successful day. We are satisfied over the rise and the course of the NVB-No demonstration. Also the ban of the NVB-demonstration can count on our approval. Further are we cheerfully that the NVB itself always further isolates witness the ideological quarrels that she has with the also nazi NVU.

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Inigo Montoya
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Sep 24 2007 19:55

The NVB was founded on march 25, 2006. This organization grew from the
fascist Nationale Volks Alliantie (National Alliance). The fascists of the
NVB are not trying to hide their fascists idealism. The logo of the NVN is
nearly an exact copy of the NSB (Nationalist Socialist Movement, a former
Nazi party in The Netherlands during the WW2), furthermore they are using
the slogan "Voor Volk en Vaderland" (For people and fatherland) which is
also copied from the NSB. From 1933 until the liberation of the
Netherlands the NSB sold a newspaper called "Voor Volk en Vaderland.

The power behind the NVB is the party members Ton Steemers (Schagen), Wim
Beaux (Amsterdam), Gerard De Wit (Delft) en Gerhard Neid (West-Friesland).
They also were former party members of the party CP '86.

Several members of this party were convicted for threating, racism,
illegal weapon possession and maltreatment. In the end this extreme right
party was declared illegal by the courts in 1998.

The NVB has tight connections with other extreme right organizations like
The Dietse (German) Kameraden (Comrades). The members of The Dietse
Kameraden share their members with Blood & Honour. Blood & Honour
Nederland is part of a international Nazi network. In several countries
this organization is declared forbidden. In Belgium last September the
police raided several houses connected to Blood & Honour, finding several
firearms and explosives. The group is also suspected of preparing a
terrorist attack.

It is known that the international Blood and Honour groups have had
paramilitary training in the forest of Antwerpen.

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Sep 25 2007 00:12

that's an amazing first pic, but that guy in the first one is 200% nicked. Whoever is posting up evidence online needs to think twice it would seem.

Keyser Soze
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Sep 25 2007 15:44

Good to see the fash getting a kicking though

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Sep 25 2007 18:22

too bad alot of the anti-fas had to dress like they are from mad max.....

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Inigo Montoya
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Sep 26 2007 20:12

Seems most of the fash bashing was by Ajax Hools looking for a ruck basically.

Still, great to see footage like that.

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Oct 14 2007 22:40

yeah well a bashed fash is a bashed fash

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Oct 15 2007 01:12

bad publicity and organization is still bad publicity and organization

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Nov 7 2007 11:34

NVB are having round 2 now and organising a march on the 24th of november in response to this and "multicultural violence" and the "islamisation of the netherlands"