Advice Needed- First JSA Meeting

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Oct 9 2012 18:46
Advice Needed- First JSA Meeting

Seeing as Ive had my hours cut to just 10-5 on saturday's, Im finally signing on to job seekers. Ive done the form and have got the meeting coming up on Thursday. I just wondered if anyone had any advice, my main concern is that I dont want to be taken for a mug i.e. being asked to do workfare etc and what I can do if that happens etc.

Solidarity, and thanks in advance, I hope

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Oct 9 2012 19:23

Workfare is officially only compulsory after 9 months on the dole I think (Mandatory Work Assesment it is), but your advisers will try to big up 'apprenticeship'/ 'work experience' schemes to you probably every (fortnightly) appointment. Just try to be be polite, state that you'd rather look for work independently and if necessary state your objections to workfare, e.g. taking advantage of cheap labour, undermines the minimum wage, etc. Or you could say you want to mull over the workfare schemes so that they hand over the relevant literature of which businesses in your local area are utilizing workfare and expose the douchebags on your blog... wink

Some time in the future, you may have to attend a Youth Contract meeting where they'll go through the basics of searching for jobs while promoting the various workfare schemes. It's nothing to worry about though and it's a good opportunity to ask questions which expose workfare among your peers.

As for organising, I don't know yet. Maybe try and get in touch/ meet up with peeps who have recently been laid off, e.g. Remploy workers...

I hope that helps.