Activists/'anarchists' coming to class struggle?

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Jan 28 2011 15:48
Activists/'anarchists' coming to class struggle?

Based on talking to activisty people, and reading a load of stuff that has been written from that perspective, I get the feeling that lots of activist-anarchist, radical liberal types are in the face of austerity coming to more class struggle positions.
Even things like Crimethinc, for example here on the UK student movement (where they cite The Commune's piece for Network X!), and here with a more general piece (some of it, admittedly, is horrible, but they are at least a bit critical of their dropping out strategy) seem to be reconciling themselves to the centrality of class. At Network X we managed to agree on the class struggle statement despite activists being a majority there, and The Commune's piece was well received by activists I know anyway.

Is this happening in other places too? To what extent, and what habits are they keeping, etc.? I think it's interesting - although I can see that it's largely irrelevant to the class struggle.

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Jan 28 2011 15:56

It's quite hard for me to tell, as I pretty much dropped out of the activist scene in 2003, so my view is from a bit of a distance, and so is mostly based on news, internet discussion forums and things I hear. But it does seem like there has been a shift over the past few years more towards the class struggle direction and away from lifestylist and activistoid positions (many of the people who used to argue against us in libcom group for example no longer do), and it does seem again like this shift has sped up with the cuts coming in, which make clear the class nature of society, and also I think by the sheer scale of it show that it cannot be overcome by small groups of super activists.

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Jan 28 2011 16:18

in my experience, 'class' tends to get taken up by activists as another single issue to fight on, alongside the arms trade, palestine, climate change etc, rather than something central to the analysis of said issues. i got the impression that a lot of activists were completely caught out by the riots in November/December and wanted to get involved, and that led to a greater openness to 'class politics', but i'm not sure to what extent it's more than the cause du jour... i mean RTS people back in the day supported the dockers, iirc. might be wrong though as i'm not particularly in touch with that scene.

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brown spaghetti
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Jan 30 2011 00:49

class struggle is overblown, in my opinion, however humble or unhumble or bumblebly dumbledly, one historical process to consider is the shiftation of the proletariat to foreign lands, eg foreign labor. Lifestyle anarchism (if that is what we're talking about here, cant really tell cause ive been up all nite and smoking some marijuana) , as something in friction with a 'class-struggling' anarchism / practice, is and was inevitable. the constantly changing conditions of material reality causes drastic shifts in the mental sphere of human social relations. we each have an important part to play, even if we run around like buffoons sometimes doing it. in the west Art is become something that the individual strives for as fundamental human fulfillment. in the "third world" (ie the rest of the majority held world) the emphasis is still laregely on STOMACH fullfillment, aka SURVIVAL. HA HA HA. so it kind of makes things crazy. the world is a big tiny place...... anyways im stoned and rambling. good day!!!

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Jan 30 2011 01:52

There's always one.