2015 Slingshot Organizer Kind of Hokey

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Jan 11 2015 19:10
2015 Slingshot Organizer Kind of Hokey

A friend of mine got a 2015 Slightshot organizer as a gift this week. You have probably seen them before as they have been making them for a long time and they are carried at most infoshops.

However, both of us couldn't help but feel the whole thing, while kind of fun, was way too hokey and "far out" in its design. This line in the introduction was especially bad:

"The organizer is creative collectively -- a power sharing alternative to the hierarchical structures that surround us. Operating collectively is messy and complex and the fact that we end up producing a functional calendar at the end of it is kind of hilarious."

While true in a way (it is more complex than top-down commands), this seems to me like a very bad representation of non-hierarchical, collectively run production, almost like a stereotype of it from its enemies. If it is "hilarious" to a collective's own members that they can even produce a funky pocket calendar, the idea that all of the economy could be run this way must be a real gut-buster. And that is the problem to me...

As an IWW and industrial democracy activist/proponent, my mission is to try to sell workers on the idea that we can organize with our co-workers to run workplaces better -- more fairly, more ecologically, etc. -- without the boss, or at least relegating the boss as far to the sidelines as possible, i. e. collectively/horizontally. Making it sound like a joke that is not really a viable industrial concept really bugs me.


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Jan 11 2015 19:48

Are we talking about a diary here?

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Jan 11 2015 20:47

Good point. You should send your comments to Slingshot in an email, or write it on their Facebook page if they have one.

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Jan 12 2015 10:09
plasmatelly wrote:
Are we talking about a diary here?

yeah, Slingshot is a diary. Don't know about now but back in the day (2001…) it seemed like every American anarchist had one

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Jan 26 2015 12:04

Get off my lawn you kids with your diaries.