$1 trillion student loans crisis

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Apr 3 2013 00:49
$1 trillion student loans crisis

That's the topic I have to write and talk about in my communications class. I'm supposed to start with the G. I. Bill of Rights (to give a historical outlook) and proceed towards the present. Is there any suggestions and/or texts to help me explain this particular crisis in a coherent way. The presentation that I will be making is going to divided into three parts given on three separate occasions. The first is only on research; to provide background to the topic. Second, information. Third, persuasion.

My course professor is practically a liberal who talks about "greedy bankers" all of the time, and believes in petitioning the state as a way of making change. Which he wants us to do with this project. Each of us is suppose to conclude our (third) presentation by handing out a petition form (http://www.ipetitions.com/start-petition) and see how many students will sign. In my case, I have to get students to sign a petition for student debt cancellation. So in the presentations, I have to pitch for a reformist solution. It makes me wanna cry.

And our grades will be based on the difficulty of the topic and how many students will sign.